Long-term stability of PV module components extend module service life

ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G successfully passes 10,000 hours of Damp-Heat Testing

Hydrolytic stability is one of the core performance features of PV module backsheets. Customary damp heat tests thus assess the ability of the backsheet materials to withstand the natural degradation effect caused by hydrolysis. The fact that especially polyolefins demonstrate excellent performance features in this criterion was one of the key reasons for Solinex to develop a polyolefin-based backsheet solution.

ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G, exclusively based on modified polypropylene, exhibits unique long term stability values measured in the damp heat test procedures. As of today, the product has undergone more than 10,000 hours of DHT with outstandingly high retention rates observable for tensile strengths and elongation to break. 

This further evidences the reliability and quality of the innovative ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G product line which combines state of the art performance features at a competitive cost level.


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