Innovative backsheet technology with a focus on ecologic sustainability

Celebrating ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G´s 1-year anniversary

This year’s INTERSOLAR exhibition in Munich offered a perfect platform to look back on the first year of ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G on the market. The innovative product range was officially launched during INTERSOLAR 2017 and since then approx. 100 module producers from 4 different continents decided to use ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G in their mass production.

ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G is a coextruded monolayer backsheet made of polypropylene. It is entirely free of hazardous substances such as fluorine. This fact is increasingly winning importance as the first generation of PV-modules approaches the end of their lifecycle. Their way of recycling will be a crucial question within the industry and ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G offers an environmentally friendly solution to this upcoming challenge.

Asking our clients about the main reason for using ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G, its competitive pricing, higher module output compared to conventional backsheets due to outstanding reflectivity and excellent diffusion properties (WVTR, AATR) and outstanding Xenon-UV-resistance rank among the decisive criteria. This positive feedback at hand, we are fully dedicated to further increase the share of ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G on the global PV-market, not least to support the ecologic sustainability of solar energy.

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