Core Competencies

Cutting edge laboratory equipment

lays the conditions for extensive testing for quality determination, optimization and further development of films and composites.  

  • An extensively equipped laboratory enables us to monitor the relevant product features and manipulate them when necessary.
  • In addition to the analytics for the characterization of plastics and films we can realize customized reliability and application testing. 

The highly flexible laboratory extrusion line is the basis of fast availability of prototypes with low material usage and therefore lowest cost possible for our customers. It can produce every film combination that can also be made in large-scale production.

The results:

  • Analytics: In addition to the common methods for the analysis of polymers (TG, DSC, TMA, DMA) our wet-chemical lab also analyses resins and resin components.
  • Reliability: Films that have been developed for the outdoor use of >25 years have especially high requirements to stability. SOLINEX has extensive capacities for accelerated aging to simulate climatic testing and UV-exposure.
  • Applications engineering: Focussed on the Photovoltaics-Industries our application technology lab is equipped at industrial level and enables us to imitate processes of our customers and to provide support within the process of our customers.
  • Additionally we have the possibility to perform spectroscopic, microscopic as well as electrical and mechanical testing. And we can determine the reflectivity, opacity and transmission of film composites.

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