We offer Solutions with Innovative Extrusion

SOLINEX has its headquarters in Lebring/Austria. This is where in addition to a production that is specialized in the extrusion of high quality technical composites all centralized competencies of the company are pooled in a powerful innovative centre that is fit for the future. 

Extrusion – The core competence

SOLINEX also provides solutions for various applications and industries based on the outstanding features of technical composites that have been developed for the outdoor use of >25 years. This is where the broad portfolio of production and laboratory facilities come into play. State of the art extrusion lines enable the extrusion of films for numerous fields of application and requirements.

PV-backsheet ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G

The revolutionary co-extruded polypropylene backsheet ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G, produced in Austria, offers unique benefits versus conventional material solutions for PV backsheets at a very attractive price level.

High standards for quality and safety

SOLINEX applies high quality and safety standards. The company and its processes are certified according to ISO 9001. ICOSOLAR® and ICOREFLEX® products are tested by strict and comprehensive material testing and comply with established requirements. The standards we set for our products are higher than official industry standards.

Experienced employees

In Lebring/Austria the company employs a staff of approx. 40 persons with long-lasting experience in successfully applying modern equipment and technologies and excellent networking with technology leaders and certification authorities of the industry. This is how we can offer our customers and partners optimum support in reaching their corporate goals.

30 years of experience

in the development and production of high quality composites. SOLINEX can already look back on a long and successful history in processing plastics to high quality composites. What Isovolta already started in 1985 allows SOLINEX to significantly shape established industry standards as technology leader more than 30 years later.


Isovolta AG, a leading manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, technical laminates and composite materials in Werndorf, Austria takes up activities to produce backsheets and encapsulation films for photovoltaic modules.


ICOSOLAR® 0711 is the first ICOSOLAR® product to be officially launched in the market


Opening of the production site in Lebring, Austria, specialised in the production of backsheets – at that time offering several times the world market capacity


Expansion of the site in Lebring, Austria


The photovoltaics business segment is spun off from the Isovolta Group and transferred to ISOVOLTAIC Official opening of the new headquarters of ISOVOLTAIC in Lebring, Austria, after only five months of construction time


Expansion of the extrusion capacities in Lebring.


Launch into market of ICOREFLEX® Reflector Film – a diversification on the basis of long-lasting experience with future-oriented high quality film technologies.


Launch into market of ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G – a revolutionary co-extruded polypropylene backsheet developed in collaboration with Borealis, a leading provider of innovative polyolefin solutions for the global energy industry. Establishment of ISOVOLTAIC SOLINEX GmbH.


Transfer of the extrusion business (incl. ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G) to ISOVOLTAIC SOLINEX GmbH with the goal of using know-how and technologies of site Lebring also for customers and products outside of the photovoltaic industry.


We offer Solutions with Innovative Extrusion

Long-standing experience and spirit of innovation of the SOLINEX employees together with highly modern plants enable the extrusion of high quality technical composites for numerous fields of application and requirements and thus lead to innovative solutions for your customers. 

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